School can be difficult to deal with when your child dislikes to be there. It can be a struggle every day to get your kid off to school. How do you …1 – When your kid dislikes school Still underestimated is bullying ... and many teachers ignore this as well! Schools and classrooms must be... Continue Reading →

Creativity and innovation begin with the spark of an idea. But for so many, the process ends there with no plan to manifest. Understanding simple …10 Simple Ways to Turn Your Creative Spark into a Flame

Sahra Wagenknecht zum Tag der Arbeit: „Der Sozialstaat wurde zerstört“ Erstaunlich der Satz, die SPD sollte stärker werden ... Die USA Kritik dürften mittlerweile viele Deutsche teilen ... Gut finde ich, dass kluge und belesene Frauen wie Sarah Wagenknecht im Deutschen Bundestag sitzen! Einen schönen 1. Mai wünsche ich von Queensland aus: Trotz Covid-19... Continue Reading →

Maria spent some time at the pool after swimming: She liked this pot with some old and a new plant .., I like it 🙂 Thank you Maria! Best yours phb

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