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Diese Seite wird sich langsam aber sicher fuellen, einfach weil ich aelter werde. Ich werde aus meinem Tagebuch ausgewaehlte Texte und Reflexionen publizieren, die hier zusammengefasst werden. Der geneigte Leser moege das als Anregung verstehen, sich mit diesen und aehnlichen Themen auseinanderzusetzen, weniger aber als Rezept. Die gibt es meines Erachtens naemlich gar nicht, weil wir alle verschieden sind. Und das ist gut so, auch wenn wir gelegentlich aehnlich denken und fuehlen …

Auf der Suche nach dem Glueck …

Erfolg und Sinn …

Was ist ein gelungenes Leben …

und mehr!


I followed through the whole session and stopped in between looking some terms up and google some names. I find this lecture in front of young people a real highlight on YOUTUBE – would have liked to attend. I find Jordan B Peterson highly motivating and honest and sincere. Will certainly read his new book “12 rules for life” and try to digest it as much as I can. I do not understand in any way at present, why people and some journalists have called this professor “dangerous” and “rightwing” and more of this kind. I would rather highly recommend his book about life skills and will – as an educator – promote it on my BLOG on EDUCATION and Life Skills as well. From QLD in Australia
Peter H Bloecker

One source of daily happiness except food and sports might be music – first listening to the music of your choice and later – if possible – play an instrument yourself.
Choose the instrument that appeals to you and try it out, if not happy, try the next one.
Of course there are many ways of learning, one is a teacher once a week for an hour or so, the other is self and autonomous online learning.
But never forget: No Master falls from the skies – it is practise and practise and practise even more.
Follow my example here – learning to play the guitar with Mark Knopfler:

My site Gute Musik on my BLOG.

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