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Photo Credt: Unsplash There are many free resources Learning German on the net ... One of the best way today is using podcasts and videos and listen and view at least one hour per day ... I would recommend a German textbook as well because of the progression ... Follow my site GERMAN ONLINE and... Continue Reading →

Frohe Ostern 2020 trotz Corona wuenschen Maria Ines und Peter H Bloecker Die beiden hatten viel Spass zusammen und segelten und schwammen und verstanden sich einfach supergut ... Sie waren gluecklich zusammen - nicht glueklich wie im letzten Bild! Da hat meine Frau Maria Ines wohl einen Fehler eingebaut! Macht aber nichts! FROHE OSTERN und…... Continue Reading → Still new sites I have not seen before, though permanently looking out ... Would like to recommend Laura with her chapters on Grammar! No language learning without vocab > Wortschatz No language learning without grammar > scaffolding and patterns, the math of the language Best wishes yours phb

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