But will the real world survive Donald Trump? Mary says that American democracy will not if he gets a second term. The story she describes in “Too Much and Never Enough” is presented as a cautionary tale. Donald, she says, can’t help recreating a familial psychodrama that destroyed everyone it touched. She recalls waking up... Continue Reading →

From my archive ... Travelling with our Landrover in Namibia ... My daughter Lisa and my son Hannes ... Best yours phb

http://www.theguardian.com/film/2007/nov/09/seanpenn.drama This film deserves a good review as the story is authentic! With Penn as the director it is impressive, not only the setting and scenery and music. Having followed the American Dream Literature and US culture and folk music, this film is a MUST SEE ... on Netflix available. Best yours from QLD phb

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